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The Golf Club at Bear Dance - Detailed Course Guide

Discover the The Golf Club at Bear Dance in Larkspur, CO. Our detailed guide has course info, photos, reviews, scorecard, tips, and more.

Discover the The Golf Club at Bear Dance in Larkspur, CO. Our detailed guide has course info, photos, reviews, scorecard, tips, and more.

Photo courtesy of The Golf Club at Bear Dance

Course Snapshot


Ever wondered what happens when you mix stunning Rocky Mountain views, challenging golf, and top-notch course design? You get Bear Dance Golf Club, that’s what. Nestled between Denver and Colorado Springs, this gem is consistently rated as one of Colorado’s best public golf courses. And trust us, it lives up to the hype.

The Lowdown

Bear Dance opened its doors (or should we say fairways?) in 2002, and it’s been wowing golfers ever since. Designed by the folks at Southwest Greens of Colorado, this course takes full advantage of its mountainous terrain. Oh, and did we mention it’s the home of the Colorado Section of the PGA? Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

The Course: A Rocky Mountain Roller Coaster

At Bear Dance, you’re in for 18 holes of pure Colorado golf goodness. We’re talking 7,726 yards of dramatic elevation changes, oak-lined ridges, and native grass valleys. It’s like a theme park ride, but instead of a roller coaster, you’re riding a golf cart (and maybe your emotions as you tackle some of these holes).

Signature Holes: The Stars of the Show

The 6th: Picture this - a short par 4 with a cluster of bunkers shaped like a bear’s paw print right in front of the green. It’s Instagram-worthy golf, folks.

Bear Dance Photo

Photo courtesy of The Golf Club at Bear Dance

The 7th: A 249-yard par 3 over a rock-walled pond. Bring your A-game (and maybe a few extra balls).

The 16th: An elevated tee shot to a valley fairway with a pond guarding the green. Oh, and did we mention the panoramic mountain views? Chef’s kiss.

The 17th: A deceivingly tricky 145-yard par 3 with a cascading stream. It’s short, sweet, and potentially heartbreaking.

Playing Conditions: Smooth as a Colorado Craft Beer

Bear Dance doesn’t mess around when it comes to course conditions. The greens are faster than a downhill ski run and just as tricky to navigate. Fairways? Generous. Bunkers? Strategic. Water hazards? Perfectly placed to keep you on your toes.

Beyond the Course: The Full Bear Dance Experience

Bear Dance Photo

Photo courtesy of The Golf Club at Bear Dance

Sure, the golf is great, but Bear Dance isn’t a one-trick pony. They’ve got a full-length driving range, a putting green that’ll make you question everything you thought you knew about reading greens, and a pro shop stocked with enough gear to make you consider remortgaging your house.

Post-round, hit up the restaurant for some grub and views that’ll make you forget about that triple bogey on 18. And if you’re feeling fancy, they’ve got event spaces that’ll make your corporate outing or wedding the talk of the town.

Tips for Taming the Bear

  1. Adjust for altitude: At 6,800 feet, your ball will fly further than at sea level. Time to check your ego and club down.
  2. Respect the greens: They’re faster than they look. Always.
  3. Position over power: Sometimes, the smart play is laying up. Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.
  4. Enjoy the view: Yes, you’re here to golf, but don’t forget to look up once in a while. Those mountain vistas are worth the green fees alone.

The Verdict

Bear Dance Golf Club isn’t just a golf course; it’s a Colorado golf experience. It’s challenging enough to keep the low-handicappers honest, but playable enough that the weekend warriors won’t leave in tears. With its stunning scenery, top-notch conditions, and a layout that’ll keep you coming back for more, Bear Dance deserves its spot among Colorado’s golfing elite.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a tee time, grab your clubs, and get ready to dance with the bear. Just remember, at Bear Dance, the views are always good, even if your swing isn’t.

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